Who we are

Gamma Science Ltd is a small company consisting of three highly qualified engineers (two of which posses PhDs in relevant fields) as such we have a unique mixture of skills for projects such as the present one. Gamma Science has experience ranging from software and hardware design for micro controller and PC based systems , using a wide range of programming tools and operating systems , mechanical engineering design skills, exceptional skills in creating intuitive human machine interfaces and even skills in pure physics and chemistry.

At Gamma science Ltd we have experience going back more than 30 years in using Micro controllers and Personal Computers to control real world applications. Commencing as long ago as the 1980s with the design of microprocessor software and hardware for relay testing and logging in a production line environment to a current project using a PC to control a sophisticated spray system for industrial chemical spray metallisation. Other projects we have been involved in include such diverse areas of design as developing hardware for the Broadcast television industry, to the development of a SCADA Tag database system. We have experience in multiple programming languages such as Perl,Python , C++ are familiar with both AutoCAD and Solidoworks CAD systems.

In addition to wide ranging design skills Gamma Science has it's own small scale electronic prototyping facilities and well established links to mechanical engineering companies specialising both precision and heavy mechanical prototyping.

Dr Colin Gammans Bsc PhD.

Colin obtained his bachelor degree in Physics with Electronics and worked for as an experimental as an experimental Physicist . He obtained his Doctorate for research into the area of signal analysis and correction. Over the years he has carried out projects which have given him a range of skills including inorganic chemistry as well as physics and optics. Colin is the jack of all trades at Gamma Science Ltd.

Roger Gammans MEng.

Roger studied microelectronic systems engineering and is a specialist in all things electronic. His skills cover microelectronic design down to component level including circuit development and PCB design. Roger has experience of microprocessor and PIC based controller development. Rogers skills included a detailed knowledge of many programming languages used in computing and microelectronics. If you want a Knotty problem in computing or micro control solved Roger is your person.

Dr Paul Gammans Bsc PhD.

Paul studied Industrial Design Engineering for his first degree and carried out research in the field of medical electronics earning his Doctorate for work on the analysis and synthesis of EMG signals used in Clinical Diagnosis. Paul is expert in mechanical design using all the modern software tools including Solid modeling. Paul has also developed particular skills in creating efficient man machine interfaces. When challenged to produce a design which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing Paul can always rise to the challang.