Recent and Current Projects

Robot Reprogramming

We have just finished working with a major automotive supplier on a project to reprogram some of their welding robots for additional tasks. This project was particularly difficult because it had to be carried out in the 2 week summer shutdown of the plant.

Metallising Booth

Once more for client Spray Chrome Solutions Ltd we are currently working on the development of a specialised metal spraying booth their AstraChrome spray “chroming” process. With a design specification that requires the booth to be able to be used both for the water based metallising process and for traditional spraying of paint systems using volatile organic solvents the project poses several major problems. When completed the fully automated spray booth will not only be able to mix these processes safely but also be fully modular for easy customisation and site erection.

Accounts/CRM Package

We are currently working with a manufacturer of architectural stone ware on a project to produce a computer accounts and CRM package to their specific needs. Based upon OpenERP Gammascience is customising the software code and producing new modules for their client on the basis that software should fit the clients needs rather than the often met situation where the client has to modify his business practices to fit the software.