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Gamma Science

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Bespoke Applications



Bespoke, scaleable, agile solutions for all your data analytics needs - human-friendly Ux as standard!

Build and Test



Custom Software and SAAS Solutions tailored precisely to your business needs for when there is no suitable "off the shelf" solution available.

Data Science



Our experienced Developers build and test non-standard solutions for non-standard-problems delivering creative solutions where Science and Business meet.



IoT Solutions & PLC Integrations


Benefit from highly qualified Engineers with a unique mix of skills and experience across Software and Hardware design for Micro Controller and PLC based systems.

From One of Our Customers!

One of the things we really appreciate about Gamma Science is their creativity and positivity. There’s no ‘Plumber Syndrome’, no “Oh we can’t do THAT!” Instead, I get the impression that they are genuinely excited by the challenge. They have a certain sort of curiosity that is increasingly hard to find.

"We use them when we need someone to come up with a creative way to do something that I think is impossible. I can’t imagine any problem Roger and Paul couldn’t think of a potential answer for.”   - James Bland, BVA-BDRC


Creative Solutions to Business Challenges

Gamma Science is a specialist company with broad skills and a deep experience base. A creative, collaborative approach has been adopted to solve business problems using the right combination of bespoke software and hardware development.

Typically, projects involve a mix of Open-Source System Architecture and intuitive design that is tailored to deliver to the precise needs of the customer’s application.

The team has software and hardware design skills covering both Micro-controller and PC based systems underpinned by a wide range of programming tools and operating systems. Additional specialist skills within the team include physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering design and intuitive human machine interfaces.

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Our Expertise

  • Software Design and Development
    Bespoke web and native applications specialising in Open Source System Architecture
  • Data Science
    Provision of, and support with Data Collection and Analytical Portals
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Integrations and Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions
    Cloud integrated and traditional SCADA Industrial Controls
  • Hardware Design and Development
    Schematic and HDL Development
  • User Experience (UX) Design
    Intuitive Interfaces to make complex systems simple.

End to End Solutions

Gamma Science started as a small family business and has grown into leaders at the cutting edge of new technology. The founders are experts in Electronic Engineering, Data and Computer Science, Industrial & Product Design Engineering and Mechatronics.

The three founding Directors continue to contribute their creative ideas, and the synergy of their minds delivers intuitive solutions whatever the technical challenge.

Gamma Science can provide end-to-end solutions from computing networks and bespoke systems to electronic gizmos, from basic research to end product development.  All developed and delivered by a growing team of highly skilled and experienced Developers and Associates.

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