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Does Your Project Need the Gamma Science Edge?

Find out how we can help you develop your next Project!

At Gamma Science we tend to have two main kinds of customer. One is a Medium to Large Organisation with it's own internal Project Management Structure, which requires extra resource to get things done. As a creative, agile Solutions Provider we can slot into that scenario very comfortably.

This Post is targeted at the other kind of customer!

These customers are people with great ideas! They may well have worked for the first kind of organisation, may even still do, but now they want to go it alone, or in a small flexible company or group of associates, to develop their own ideas, for themselves. They will have identified a budget, or at least a realistic source of funding, but they either don't have the time or the expertise to manage all the complexity of a new project, or they have run into difficulties.

This is where a broad-based consultancy like Gamma Science can really shine. Because we have been there. We have developed new products and brought them to Market, so, while our primary strengths are designing developing and integrating Web Apps, and creative SAAS (Software as a Service) Solutions, we have a solid grounding in IIoT, (Industrial Internet of Things) Hardware, Product Design and Development, and our own 3D-print Prototyping Facilities. Put it this way. We can think inside the box, outside the box, and we can even prototype the box for you, if that is what you need.

We recently invested in a dedicated Account Manager for customers just like this. Our Software Developers and System Architects don't have as much time as we would like to focus on developing creative ideas into projects, and keeping them on track, so enter John Jackson <>.

John has a wealth of experience in Management, Project Management and Account Management in the Electronics Industry and a passion for helping small businesses to grow.

He can support and advise you to develop a project to get the best out of your investment in Software Development (which, let's face it, is the expensive bit!) He works closely with our Head System Architect and MD to develop a system that does what you need, and, where possible, delivers value from the very first phase.

If you are not quite there yet, and need to evaluate your project, develop your initial specification, or need to attract funding or investment, we can undertake a fixed fee feasibility study, to get you to the next stage, so you have a workable design, and an indication of costs and timescale to present to investors and suppliers alike.

Of course, we hope you will stay with Gamma Science, so the cost of the Feasibility Study is discounted from the overall cost of the project should you contract with us, and account management support remains very much part of the package, throughout!

We have made this investment because we have identified this as a gap where the market is often less well served by existing provision, particularly at entry level, and because our people are passionate about developing exciting new ideas, and working with creative, innovative people like themselves. Also, because we have seen too many excellent ideas founder at the start from the lack of the right kind of support and communication, backed up, of course, with solid multidisciplinary expertise, and a flair for creativity as standard!