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Gamma Science

So What is it you DO?

Never tell a casual aquaintance you work in IT! Ask me how I know!

We were having lunch in a busy Cafe one day and had to share a table. Our dining companions were a charming retired couple, and she and I had already established many common interests when the Dread Question came up for Roger, my OH, and Head of the Geekforce at Gamma Science.

"So what is it you do, Roger?"

He stammered something incomprehensible, which I helpfully translated as "We run an IT Consultancy". Let's just say that once my shin stopped throbbing, I began to understand why people never, ever, out themselves as Doctors, Dentists, Veterinary Surgeons, and, it seems, IT Consultants at the dinner table. Further conversation uncovered something I had long been curious about; how seemingly sensible people manage to divulge their bank account details to once in a lifetime opportunities from mysterious Government Officials or Royalty from rather warmer climes than this! The meal dragged out, as this poor lady divulged the most shockingly embarrassing details of dodgy internet hygiene, and I could see Himself flailing manfully because this sort of stuff is Not What He Does!

Nor do we fix PC's or install COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf Systems), or Sysadmin for Hire, or any of the things you usually think of IT Consultants doing.

So, in the interests of being a better PA and a better Tech Blogger (yes, really, mostly I think it's because I'm the one that can spell) I asked him.

According to him, we develop bespoke and custom solutions for Business System Integrations (BSIs) between, for example, multiple cloud systems, for Business Analytics and Enterprise Resource Planning, (ERP) Customer Relations Management (CRM), and Customer Feedback.

We can also integrate web applications with physical devices, such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) devices, and plant, and machinery through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Networks, Legacy Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Systems, Programmable Logic Controller, (PLC) Systems, etc.

Then we develop a System Architecture and a Web Application that presents it in an intuitive User Interface (UI) to inform your business decisions. We do this primarily by using FLOSS, (Free, Libre, and Open Source Solutions). Simple once you translate the Alphabet Soup!

So, whether it is a web app to control an IIOT device, linking custom apps to commercial ones, updating your legacy systems for the security of Personally-Identifying Information (PII) for compliance issues, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we can help.

If you need to make your production line talk to your ERP, to improve data collection for decision-makers, or if you have workflow issues causing a business problem, we can do that too. In short, if there is no readily identifiable Commercial Solution, or the one/s you have found don't do exactly what you need, Gamma Science can develop a unique solution for you, often more economically than just ripping out your system and starting again.

So what we love to do is to fill in the gaps! For example, if one part of your operation is not talking to another part, and you have to get a human to go and do something the hard way, and then bung it into a spreadsheet, we can probably help by setting up a crafty web portal so it can all be done in one operation. Or, we can add Track and Trace to your Booking system, or allow someone to fill in a form on their own device by scanning a tag, or a QR Code.

This took a while, with frequent interruptions, to translate the Alphabet Soup, but at least I can now answer the questions of random dinner table companions in Plain English without getting a detailed and frankly embarrassing history of "Malware I have Known". So that's a relief!